West African Rescue Association

WARA was founded in 2005 with the goal of proving that a high standard emergency system can operate in a developing environment. It was our hope that with time this standard would assist in improving general levels of emergency care in the region. We run a ground ambulance service within the greater Accra Region, Kumasi and in Takoradi. Our medical assistance team consists of a diverse group of healthcare professionals with extensive medical expertise.

Our ambulance response services are ably supported by immediate ambulance dispatches from our fleet of ambulance vehicles and response cars. Each ambulance consists of a full range of emergency rescue equipment, as would be found and utilised in any emergency rescue organisation in a first world environment. We invite interested persons to pass by our offices and view our ambulances, response vehicles and medical equipment at any time. We are regularly audited by international assistance and medical teams and have had excellent feedback from all audits performed thus far.