Healthcare in Ghana

A Brief Overview of the Complexity of Good Health Care in Ghana

As in any developing country, finding good health care can be complex. Ghana is no exception.Unfortunately, you cannot expect to find all your medical needs met at any one health care facility in a 'one stop shop'. In addition, health care can vary at any one facility depending upon those on duty or which diagnostics are currently functional and which are temporarily out of order. Having said this compared to that found elsewhere in poorer less developed countries surrounding Ghana, in Accra one can find a wide range of good reliable diagnostics.

Currently we can facilitate: MRI Scans, CT Scans, Ultrasounds, internationally accredited laboratories, mammography, echocardiograms, and bone density scans, just to mention some. It is important however to bear in mind that the level of health care and availability in Ghana deteriorates rapidly outside of the main cities of Accra and Kumasi where diagnostics and reliable health care are common. Likewise Ghana, in Accra has fast become a reliable medical stabilisation point within the greater West Africa Region which is explained in more detail in our section of AIR RESCUE SERVICES where WARA frequently moves patients from less developed regions to Accra for urgent medical support.

Our organisation has established working relationships with key facilities which each have their area of core competence medically where we have reliable doctors and specialists with whom we can work. As a part of our operational management it is essential that we keep a constant flow of updated information regarding these facilities for our network so that we can regularly access the availability of essential procedures at any one time.


Ghana's medical expertise and health care has developed dramatically over the past few years and continues to develop. Along with this comes the constant growth in the general population of the city and the stress on limited health care resources. The larger emergency rooms are often overwhelmed with patients and access into many specialised facilities can be both challenging and require long waiting times which is not ideal when in a life-threatening crisis situation.