The West African Rescue Association the leading private medical assistance and emergency rescue service in Ghana and in West Africa.

We provide a range of emergency and clinical services to individuals, families or corporate clients, who decide to take out a membership agreement with us.

Our wholly owned clinics operate in Ghana where medical care of an international standard is not easily available, or where cultural and language barriers make it difficult to receive appropriate medical care. All WARA clinics offer primary health care, diagnostic care and 24/7 emergency care. Doctors are available to provide all types of treatments, ranging from simple vaccinations to emergency treatment. A network of specialist care is also available in many fields, including gynecology, pediatrics and ophthalmology. For expatriate families settling into a new environment, family medical practice is especially important. Many of our doctors offer complimentary health and wellness information sessions as well as well-woman and wellman care. Immigration health checks, first aid training and occupational health programs are also available. Clinics are well equipped with the facilities needed to stabilise a critically ill or injured person before evacuation. Our clinics provide international-standard pharmacies, laboratory services and diagnostic services.

Those who wish to enjoy the benefits of our emergency services and private clinics must become registered members of our organisation as we do not work on an on call basis. The full diversity of our wide range of emergency services, ground and air rescue, clinical services and support services which we provide can be seen in detail under each section found on the vertical navigation screen.