Accra Clinic

 Accra Clinic

9 Abafun Crescent, Plot #59

Accra, Ghana

+233 (0) 302 781 258 (WARA office line)

+233 (0) 302 799 978 (Ghana office line)


Emergency medical care

   24/7 ambulance and emergency stabilisation     Emergency room 
   Fully equipped ambulance capabilities          

Medical care services

   24/7 access to doctors           Gynaecology
   General and minor surgical procedures    Paediatrics
   In house/access to diagnostic services   

 Child and adult vaccination services
   General Practitioner consultations           Malaria prevention, diagnosis and treatment
    In-patient room        Referrals to specialist services
   Observation and/or isolation room          Pharmacy services

 Occupational Health services    

  Dedicated OH facility         Fit-for-work screening 
   OGUK certified medical health checks     Risks and health awareness sessions
 Health checks (including periodic and

post illness)